Winning tips while playing using Electronic Gaming machines in casinos

In 81 of the country’s 87 most populated communes, there are electronic devices that are considered random and can only be exploited in gambling casinos authorized by the Superintendency. SANTIAGO – The first “Cadastre and Characterization of Electronic Gaming Machine Rooms” in Chile, conducted by the Department of External Services (DESE) of the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Urban Studies of the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile. To carry out the study, more than 3,000 commercial premises with a commercial patent in force were visited in the 87 most populated communes of the country.

In a total of 81 communes, it was discovered that there are 1,327 places where there are electronic machines that pay money prizes, totaling 33,009 gaming machines nationwide. It was observed that the machines with the greatest national presence in this type of premises are the slot machines of audiovisual games, present in 98.37% of the rooms. Pinball (37.2%) and waterfall (7.86%) followed. As indicated in the cadastre, “electronic machines that pay money prizes are considered as random and, therefore, can only be exploited in casinos authorized by the Superintendence of Casinos.

Local and regional authorities to verify this situation to prevent the proliferation of illegal gambling in the country. In that context, the SCJ distributed the results of the study to the respective municipalities so that they could take appropriate action if gambling is found to be outside the scope of the law regulating casino activity. In order to determine the universe of places to visit, it was defined as gaming rooms to those commercial premises with a registered patent for this purpose in their respective municipality and that carry out the provision of this activity as a main business.

Second, they defined as gaming machines to cadastrar those that make bets of electronic type and that give prizes in chips, tickets or money. Identifying the following categories: audio-visual machines, coin cascades, swallow pinball coins and less frequent ones. According to its location, the study estimates that these places have a potential audience of about 595 thousand people, or 3.33% of the Chilean population. The communes with the highest projected demand are Pudahuel (54 thousand people), Maipú (40 thousand), Temuco (29 thousand) and Peñalolén (24 thousand).